Battlefield 4’s China Rising DLC Presents New Problems


While it’s hard to deny that Battlefield 4 is an excellent game, the serious amount of bugs, glitches and hiccups that currently plague it have made it almost unplayable for most people. There’s a fantastic package hiding beneath the surface, but until EA and DICE patch it up, gamers are going to continue to be left with a bitter taste in their mouth after playing it.

Unfortunately, things aren’t looking too good for Battlefield 4 as after the first DLC pack, titled China Rising, dropped this week, numerous reports have been flooding the Internet about several new bugs that have popped up.

 “Some PC players of Battlefield 4 China Rising have found themselves getting kicked from servers within seconds of joining. DICE have identified the issue and is implementing a solution to the problem. This fix will take some time to be fully completed, but players should be noticing normal gameplay behaviour soon,” reads EA’s support website.

Furthermore, Xbox 360 users are also experiencing issues too, with many citing that they can’t even join the game’s servers. Making matters worse is the fact that the PS4 patch, which was set to arrive this week, has now been delayed for “additional testing.”

So, it appears that the game is still mostly unplayable. It’s a shame too because there’s some great content just waiting to be experienced, there’s just too many bugs and glitches that are getting in the way. Then again, with a game as ambitious as this, it’s easy to see why there are so many problems. Still, that’s not an excuse and by this point, everything should have been patched up already.

For me personally, I’ve had no problems with online play and I’m really enjoying that portion of the game. The only bug I’ve run into is that I can’t get my single player save file to save, which means I haven’t been able to experience the campaign yet.

Tell us, how has your experience with Battlefield 4 been thus far? Let us know in the comments section below.