New Bayonetta 2 Trailer Is As Crazy As You’d Expect; European Release Set For October


As promised, Nintendo hosted a dedicated presentation last night to showcase its upcoming Wii U exclusive, Bayonetta 2, where the company revealed that the anticipated hack ’n’ slash title will hit UK shores on October 24th, coinciding with its release in the States.

That’s not all the news that European fans had to look forward to, however, as The Big N also unveiled the First Print Collector’s edition that will be exclusive to that particular region and only available through UK retailer GAME. Included will be an art book, a leather-bound copy of the Book of Angels — stylized to resemble the in-game angelic enemies, the Hierarchy of Laguna — and of course, a copy of the game itself along with its predecessor.

Mind you, the First Print Collector’s edition is one of three versions of Bayonetta 2 that will hit store shelves come October. Alongside the premium bundle, users can also choose from the Special Edition — which dedicates a separate box for the sequel and the first game — along with the standard Solus Edition.

Elsewhere in the presentation, Nintendo also highlighted that everyone’s favourite pixelated witch can don in-game cosplay from the revamped Bayonetta within Platinum Games’ follow-up. As such, the titular heroine can adorn costumes that include the likes of Princess Peach, Samus and even Fox McCloud.

Bayonetta 2 will launch across retail stores and the Nintendo eShop on October 24th. In the meantime, you can check out the rather bonkers trailer above.

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