Bayonetta 2 Would Not Exist Without Nintendo Publishing

The most bizarre Internet controversy to come from Nintendo’s Wii U press conference was the announcement that Bayonetta 2 is a thing, and that it will be exclusive to The Big N’s new console. Platinum Games’ executive director Atsushi Inaba attempted appease fans this week, telling Polygon that without Nintendo the game would not exist.

“Would Bayonetta 2 not exist without Nintendo? The answer is yes. We are not viewing this as a change of platform. We were looking for a partner to create Bayonetta 2 and Nintendo was a strong, cooperative partner that was willing to create and grow Bayonetta 2 together [with us]. As a result the platform became the Wii U.”

Internet-fan reaction to Bayonetta 2‘s reveal has been a bit surprising, to say the least. There have been countless angry Tweets from fans, and even calls for the most nonsensical boycott that I’ve ever heard of. It involves buying a used Wii U and a used copy of the game, that way Nintendo doesn’t get any money and fans still get to play the game (totally ignoring the fact that all those used Wii U consoles and copies of the game came from new sales).

The simple truth is that Bayonetta was not a big seller for Sega, and when the publisher restructured it was one of the IPs that they decided not to continue. If Nintendo had not come along and struck a deal for the sequel to be on the Wii U, it would have never been made.

Would it be better if fans could simply purchase Bayonetta 2 on a console they already own? Sure, but that is not in the cards. In my book, it is better to get a sequel to a game that I like (even if that means having to buy a new console) if the alternative is that the series ceases to exist.

Source: GoNintendo