Bethesda Demonstrate Doom’s Progression And Customization In New Feature


A new update on the Bethesda blog has revealed details about how character progression and customization will feature in Doom upon its release. The post is accompanied by a new video feature, which offers a demonstration of some of the key player progression areas for the game’s competitive multiplayer arena.

Ahead of this weekend’s upcoming Open Beta, Bethesda want you to know just how many options will be available to you once you get your character into the action in Doom. Focusing first on appearance, the post explains that there will be myriad ways to alter your character’s look in the online modes. Opt for subtle and stylish, or simply go all-out with a radical paint colour and flashy accessories; the choice is all yours.

As far as progression is concerned, it seems Bethesda have packed a ton of potential into their upgrade systems. Firstly, it’s noted that half of the XP you get in these games will simply be allocated for turning up and making an effort. The remaining half will then consist of points for kills, team placing etc. There’s really no need to be concerned about entering the game as a late-comer, then, as Doom wants to help you get better!

More information about the various weapons, equipment, upgrades and even online taunts can be found at Bethesda’s post (which you can find here) or in the video featured at the top of this page.

Doom‘s Open Beta commences on April 15, with the full game due for release on May 13.