Bethesda Publishes Hellish Teaser For Doom Ahead Of July Debut


Bethesda has revealed a short teaser trailer today for the long-awaited return of iD Software’s seminal first-person shooter series, Doom. The nightmarish minute-long footage, which you can check out below, not only introduces us to a hulking, mechanised demon, it also confirms that the studio plan to give the game a full reveal during QuakeCon in July.

Though it may be brief, this tease is infused with a very familiar brand of atmospheric, hellish terror, the kind that hasn’t been on the gaming scene for a considerable amount of time. While Doom 3: BFG Edition launched in 2012, it has been a full decade since the last numerical entry in the monstrous series, which came in the form of Doom 3 back in 2004.

Nevertheless, on the tenth-year anniversary of iD’s genre-defining franchise, Bethesda is poised to drag the IP kicking and screaming into the industry limelight with this most recent Doom which, crucially, won’t be branded as Doom 4.

It’s understood that those fans who pre-ordered last month’s rather excellent Wolfenstein: The Order —itself published by Bethesda — have effectively booked their place in the game’s upcoming beta. Although when exactly this phase of testing is set to go live remains unknown.

QuakeCon 2014 is due to be held in Dallas, Texas over the period of July 17th to July 20th, and we’ll have all of the demonic details pertaining to Bethesda’s reintroduction of the Doom franchise as they appear.

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