New Fortnite Glitches Nearly Guarantee You A Win

Fortnite Photo

Epic’s strategy of continually introducing new elements to Fortnite‘s Battle Royale mode has kept the game fresh for years. Usually, they’re fairly well-received, like the biplanes that introduced aerial combat. Sometimes they go down like a lead balloon, though, like the ludicrously overpowered B.R.U.T.E. mechs that everyone hated. But with all these additions comes the risk of fresh bugs and glitches that give players aware of them an unfair advantage. And right now there are two big bugs in the game (entertainingly chronicled by YouTuber LazarBeam) that can let crafty players win practically every round they participate in.

The first involves an extremely Metal Gear Solid sounding glitch that turns you invisible. To do this, you need a cardboard box and a harpoon gun (which are all over the place at the moment). If you crouch while inside a box and aim the harpoon gun, you become invisible to other players, who will naturally have no idea what’s going on. So, if you spot a suspicious cardboard box on the map, be wary of it, as it may contain a sneaky player trying to pull a Solid Snake on you.

The other glitch involves the game’s latest vehicular addition, helicopters. Particularly useful in squad matches, these can transport a whole team across the map very fast (though they also make you an obvious target). Ordinarily, the maximum height you can reach is 280m, but if players on board repeatedly hit the pilot with a grappling gun, they’ll slowly rise further and further into the air, far beyond the reach of others. This might not necessarily win you a Victory Royale (though it is possible if you hold out until the storm circle fully closes), but it will definitely confuse any players remaining in the game who are searching a tiny space for you.

I suspect that the helicopters are due to be vaulted pretty soon anyway, so it’s probably for the best that this Fortnite glitch has been noticed now and not a few weeks ago. Either way, if you’re playing and see some unexplained behavior or some weird deaths, this might be why.