The Binding Of Isaac Has Its Rating Bumped Due To Blasphemy


Well, this is a new way of looking at it. Germany’s Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle (their software industry’s self-rating board, much like our ESRB) has decided that the original rating of 12+ was a bit too low for Team Meat’s The Binding Of Isaac. While this could be considered the “duh heard around the world”, the reasoning behind the bump is not quite what you would expect.

Designer Edward McMillen mentioned the following reason through his Twitter account:

“Turns out Isaac is the first and only game to ever get its rating raised to 16 because of ‘Blasphemy,’

The rating is still extremely generous considering that a 16 rating is outlined for games featuring ““moderate violence (no visible blood).” Blood is by far the least offensive bodily fluid used through the game.

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