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BioWare Champions Mass Effect: Andromeda As Studio’s Biggest Endeavour Yet

In terms of in-game content, BioWare considers Mass Effect: Andromeda to be its biggest game yet. Still no word on a release date, though.

Mass Effect: Andromeda will come packing more content than any BioWare game before it, according to Producer Mike Gamble.

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As part of Game Informer’s exhaustive coverage of the 2017 sequel (via GameSpot), Gamble spoke broadly about some of the content to be featured in Andromeda when it launches next year, and why it represents the studio’s “biggest” game to date.

Without any gameplay footage out in the open – expect that scarcity to change when The Game Awards roll around – there’s still much we don’t know about BioWare’s new release, though Gamble did tease that although there are “a lot of different areas to go to [in Mass Effect: Andromeda], we want to make it so whenever you go to those areas, you remember them.” Expect plenty of memorable locations, then.

Per Game Informer:

“This is the biggest we’ve ever gone, in terms of the number of pieces of content. There are combat-related encounters, puzzle-related encounters, narrative-related encounters, and a lot of things will happen that add more depth to the critical path.”

Getting to those locations will be much easier and more streamlined than previous Mass Effects, too, considering that Andromeda‘s ship, The Tempest, will be completely devoid of loading screens. Guess that means no more painstaking lift journeys with only your thoughts for company.

Still no word on the official release date for Mass Effect: Andromeda, but with a gameplay reveal earmarked for The Game Awards next week, we fully expect BioWare to answer that longstanding question sooner rather than later.