Blizzard Is Holding A Special Hearthstone Stream Next Week; New Expansion Inbound?


Blizzard has been sending invitations out to various outlets over the last couple of days, inviting recipients to attend Hearthstone themed stream on July 25, where they have an “unforgettable adventure planned” for all those that attend.

The notice, which was received by Polygon and can be seen below, thanks everyone who participated in the Whispers of the Old Gods expansion released earlier this year, stating that, “your valiant effort and masterful display of strategy in channelling the power of the Old Gods has won you the admiration of people across Azeroth,” continuing with “we would be honored if you would join us for a once-in-a-lifetime event that will be full of magic and celebration.”


While nowhere does Blizzard explicitly state that a further expansion will be revealed as part of the stream, we can’t imagine the studio would bother talking up such an event if it didn’t have something impressive to show, especially as they’ve stated previously that the current plan is to release two card expansions and one adventure set per year.

The only question that remains really, is what will this new adventure be themed after? Rumors are already circulating that the ancient abandoned tower of Karazhan from World of Warcraft will be the setting, but we’ll just have to wait and see. Tune into Twitch on July 28 at 11:00pm PDT to see for yourself.