Blizzard’s Next-Gen MMO ‘Titan’

The internet has been abuzz about ‘Titan’, Blizzard’s follow up to the ridiculously successful World of Warcraft franchise. Well now Blizzard has opened their mouths on the game…just a little.

“The media is not meant to know anything about [Titan].”, World of Warcraft executive producer Frank Pearce tells Destructoid. “It’s our next gen MMO and we’ve only started talking about it in a limited fashion because we want to leverage the fact that we’re working on something like that for the purpose of recruiting –— getting some of the best talent in the industry on that.”

While we know next to nothing about the game, it’s nice to hear that Blizzard is finally willing to part with its baby World of Warcraft after recently releasing its latest expansion, Cataclysm. Time now to look ahead. What will the undisputed kings of MMO bring us next?