New BloodRayne Betrayal Screens Slice Up Hitler’s Army

Before we progress, let’s set some ground rules. This news post is for the adult crowd, given the insane amount of blood, gore and violence present in these screens. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s move on to the content.

Almost all gamers love to shoot, blow up and even stab Nazis. It must be true considering the fact that Hitler’s forces have been the enemy of the day in many video games, dating back console generations. One of the more iconic and visceral franchises they appeared in is certainly the BloodRayne series. It gave players the chance to instill fear into the evil-doers by having an agile (and hungry) female vampire as the games’ main protagonist.

It’s been years since we’ve last heard from Rayne in digital form, but she’s going to return in BloodRayne: Betrayal – a downloadable title that we’ve previously reported on a couple of times. The violent hack n’ slash rampage is set to release later this year.

To whet your appetite and pique your interest, we have several new screenshots for your viewing pleasure. Just be warned that they’re not exactly safe for children, work, grandparents or pregnant women. Yes, they’re that violent.

Check out the gallery below and tell us your favourite memories of the series, or hopes for this new title.