How To Break Every Window And Unlock The Hooligan Trophy In Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village

While most of Resident Evil Village‘s trophies/achievements are straightforward in nature, there are some which not only require a lengthy time investment but are also completely missable.

The aptly named Hooligan is one of these and can only be completed during an earlier portion of the survival horror title, specifically Castle Dimitrescu. Before we get started, it’s worth noting that once Alcina has been defeated and the sparsely-populated building’s grounds have been departed, Ethan won’t be able to return. If you’ve already progressed past this stage in the campaign, you’ll either need to reload a save or go back on a subsequent playthrough to vandalize the Dimitrescu estate.

Anyway, the goal here is simple: destroy a series of windows found in various locations around the Tall Lady’s home. 17 of these need to be shattered in total and all in a single playthrough, and below you’ll find a guide on where to find each of them categorized by room.

  • Opera Hall Stairwell (3): On the far wall immediately upon entering the Opera Hall.
  • Hall of Joy (1): In the corridor adjoining the Hall of Joy and library.
  • Kitchen Backroom (2): Must be destroyed to progress the story.
  • Lady Dimitrescu’s Chamber (3): Overlooking the balcony from which you first enter the room.
  • Dining Room (2): Behind the central dining table.
  • Atelier (1): Must be destroyed to progress the story.
  • Second Floor Hallway (3): Two are opposite the Hall of Ablution. One opposite the staircase.
  • Dimitrecu Chamers Staircase (2): These can be found above the stairs leading to Alcina’s personal quarters.

Once all of the above have been dealt with (some won’t be reachable with the knife), you should get a notification informing you that Hooligan has been achieved. You’ll be rewarded for your efforts with Challenge Points which can be spent on various post-game unlocks like infinite ammo and special weapons, including Resident Evil Village‘s take on the Lightsaber. A few additional steps will require completion before being able to purchase that, however, and you can see here for more details.