Brick By Brick: New Gameplay Footage Of Minecraft Vita Appears Online


Sony has unveiled a new trailer for the PlayStation Vita version of Mojang’s world-building phenomenon, Minecraft. Development of the portable version is being handled by 4J Studios, who is working to bring the Vita iteration along with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One’s versions to consumers by the end of this month.

Earlier this week, the studio Tweeted a status report detailing the progress of the console and handheld ports, with the PS4 version inching ahead of its pixelated counterparts.

“We’ve handed Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition over to Sony for final test. We’re still bug fixing Minecraft Xbox One and Minecraft Vita. We’ll give you news when we have it.”

For PlayStation Vita owners, Minecraft will support cross-buy and cross-save, allowing budding architects to transfer saved files to a PlayStation 3 and vice versa. That said, while PlayStation users will be able to carry over their precious worlds to PS4, those same bespoke environments can’t be transferred back due to technical limitations.

The exact same goes for Xbox 360 users, who can choose to port their files over to Xbox One but cannot bring those same saves back to the old system. In terms of pricing, 4J Studios has confirmed that players who wish to upgrade from either 360 or PS3 to the new systems can do so for a small fee of £4.

Neither 4J or Mojang have outlined a firm release date for the Vita port of Minecraft, though it’s expected to debut alongside the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions by the end of this month.

Source: Twitter

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