Is Bungie Raising Destiny’s Level Cap To 42 With Upcoming House Of Wolves Expansion?



Guardians will know all too well that The Tower serves up some rather surprising events with each passing day, whether it’s another player dancing like no-one is watching or the weekly arrival of Xur with his exotic weaponry, there’s never a dull moment in Destiny‘s lively hub world. But today, one user in particular noticed something out of the ordinary: a player going by the name “BungieHelp02,” which lends credence to this avatar belonging to a Bungie employee.

First spotted by Reddit user AerobicPie73630, the well-equipped Guardian came packing Vault of Glass gear that pushed his light level up to 42, which is currently impossible for the normal denizens of the solar system, given that Bungie has locked the level cap at 32 for now.

Whether this indicates that the studio is poised to push the in-game ceiling up by a full ten levels in the upcoming House of Wolves expansion remains to be seen, but today’s tidbit certainly lends credence to this being the case. To get up close and personal with the gear in question, be sure to check out AerobicPie73630’s brief video recounting the fancy armaments, though it isn’t clear whether this high-end gear will be available to the rest of the universe further down the line or not.

In related news, YouTube user Arekkz Gaming noted that an authentication file for the House of Wolves DLC is currently available to download on Xbox One, and while it doesn’t necessarily provide any new information, some screenshots have found their way online that peg the sophomore expansion for a May release.

We’ll keep you updated on any developments surrounding Destiny‘s DLC plans moving forward. For now, let us know if you’re still playing Bungie’s shared-world shooter on a regular basis in the comments.

Source: Reddit

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