Bungie Rings In The New Year With Free Legendary Destiny Gifts For Guardians


Take heed, Guardians, for Bungie has announced plans to gift all Destiny players with a free legendary item that can be acquired through the Postmaster.

Described as a “small, but legendary token of gratitude,” the freebie is essentially a way for the studio to thank active players for helping ensure that the shared-world shooter enjoyed a successful launch.

Going off of the reaction via Destiny Reddit, it appears as though each gift is totally random, with some users receiving powerful weapons while others were hit with duplicates or less impressive armaments — such is the luck of the draw, I guess. Whatever the outcome, it’s understood that the legendary gift is limited to one per Destiny account.

In related news, a recent leaked image purportedly showcased Bungie’s upcoming expansion plans for the shooter. Following hot on the heels of House of Wolves — the sophomore content pack that is due to arrive in the next few months —  it looks as though Guardians can look forward to Comet: Plague of Darkness.

As per Activision’s ten-year plan with Destiny, Comet will allegedly arrive in and around the title’s one-year anniversary and is set to be the biggest expansion to date in terms of content, adding in a hoard of new weaponry and a new playable area in the form of a Hive Ship. Alas, this is yet to be formally confirmed by Bungie, so it’s worth taking the expansion plans with a grain of Spinmetal.

Source: Twitter

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