Burnout Crash! Trailer Shows Severe Storms And A Comet

Before it was officially announced, there were rumors that Burnout Crash! would be very zany. The weirdest thing mentioned was that it could end up featuring a gigantic lobster, for some strange reason.

Since its big reveal, Burnout Crash! footage and screens have not shown this mentioned sea creature, though there have been some sightings of powerful weather and space-based storms. All of that is in the latest trailer released for the game this week at Gamescom in Germany.

Posted below for your viewing pleasure, the minute-long gameplay trailer shows the unlucky residents of some poor (yet somewhat varied) towns becoming a part of some planned crashes. All of it done for high scores. There’s your regular head-on collision as well as some explosive chains that turn the digitized metallic chariots into charred remains. Not to mention the comet, electrical storm, tornado and the like.

Burnout Crash! is a big departure from the traditional Burnout gameplay and camera angles that we’re used to. Releasing as a downloadable title, it shows the action from an overhead camera and changes things up a bit in terms of gameplay. From what we’ve seen so far, it looks alright. Hopefully the full game will end up being a lot of fun, making us forget about how much of a departure it really is.