Burnout Ready To Crash Onto PSN And XBLA This Fall

Electronic Arts and developer Criterion Games today revealed plans to release a new Burnout title, Crash. It will be available for the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade this fall.

In Burnout Crash, Criterion Games will be making their popular game mode, Crash, the main focus of the game. It will allow players to connect, compete and compare their high scores via Autolog.

For those of you that haven’t had the chance to play Crash mode in other Burnout titles, the goal of the game is to cause as much chaos as possible by crashing into as many cars as you can. This triggers explosions, racking up points with the ultimate goal being to earn an amazing high score. This new entry into the popular arcade racing series will include three game modes which can be played on eighteen different crash junctions, taking place at six different locations.

Creative Director of Burnout Crash, Richard Franke, described the game as a “crazy mix of pinball and game shows.”

This will be EA’s first title on the Xbox Live Arcade to feature a Kinect specific game mode where two teams can use it to play on one TV.

To learn more about Burnout Crash you can visit Criterion Games’ official website.