Call Of Duty Elite Sends Out First Wave Of Beta Invites

The huge new subscription layer set to be launched with this year’s Call Of DutyModern Warfare 3, is bursting into life tomorrow for its first public testing. The Call Of Duty Elite beta sign up service has reportedly begun sending out the invites that will enable ‘lucky’ players to try out the pay monthly service, on last year’s blockbuster game, Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Activision boasted a while back that around 2 million people had applied via email expressing an enthusiastic interest in the trial run in a very short period of time. Whilst Bobby Kotick and his fellow overlords are probably barely containing their eagerness to sap up even more of our money, only a small batch of those who signed up will be given access tomorrow.

Activision explained that this by saying:

“It is a live beta with an evolving system – it’s like entering the Indy 500 while the car is still being built. As long as the system can remain stable, more people will be invited as frequently as possible – as many and as often as the system can accommodate.”

Basically, they are indicating that they need to be very careful in making sure that the arguably controversial service is received without a hitch.

If you got accepted to the beta then let us know how it is in the comments. If you haven’t got in yet, keep checking your inbox!

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