Call of Duty Elite Trailer Shows New Features

After the less than ideal start for the Call of Duty Elite service, game publisher Activision is finally revealing the full features available to those who are premium account members. The trailer attempts to convey that whatever type of player you are (run-and-gun, specialist, or heavy), Elite can help you become better due to the expansive options related to analyzing your own gameplay. It also details the inclusion of clans and tournaments to the mix and provides a good picture of what you should expect in the future.

Personally, as an Elite subscriber, I have been relatively underwhelmed by the service. However, I will not pass judgement until I see it fully operational and at the point where all the ideas they have been tossing around are realized, for better or worse.

I think that if they can create engaging content for those looking to improve, while offering a great competitive component featuring legitimately enjoyable tournament offerings, Elite should be able to live up to the hype.

Until then, I will be patient and hope for the best, considering I already dropped sixty bucks for the service!

Let us know what features you would like to see on Elite. Also, check out our Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Review.

Sorry, the video is currently unavailable.