Call Of Duty Supposedly Hitting PS Vita This Fall

Seems Activision can’t keep a lid on their games anymore. First a French retailer listing outs a potential sequel to 2010’s Call of Duty: Black Ops, and now it seems we might have a launch window for when you can get your favorite (or most hated) shooter on Sony‘s powerful new little handheld device.

During an interview with GameTrailers, Sony‘s SVP of PlayStation Brand Marketing Guy Longworth let slip that Call of Duty will not only be a “game-changer for the platform” but will be available “in the autumn,” which pegs the game somewhere between September and November. This makes sense, given that Call of Duty games have a history of being released in November along with damn near every other game of the year.

Be wary, gamers. This is far from an official confirmation. Although we know a Call of Duty game is indeed coming to the Vita at some point, the release window is potential news to us.

What say you, gamers? It came directly from a Sony exec. Do you think we can trust the word?

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