Call Of Duty: Ghosts Represents The “Biggest Multiplayer Overhaul Since Modern Warfare”


Taking to the stage in Los Angeles today, Infinity Ward and Activision lifted the lid on all things Call of Duty: Ghosts. In doing so, it gave fans the first snippet of the game’s multiplayer, while also detailing some the additional features at present in the next iteration of the FPS franchise. With 30 new weapons, 20 added killstreaks and over 20,000 possible customisation options, Mark Rubin – the studio producer at Infinity Ward – has duly labelled Ghosts as the “biggest multiplayer overhaul since Modern Warfare.”

In order to stoke the fanbase’s excitement ahead of its November Release, the developer also released the first official multiplayer trailer, which you can feast your eyes on below:

While these aforementioned additions will have trigger-happy fans chomping at the bit, the biggest surprise was the confirmation that female soldiers will also be playable in the multiplayer component of Call of Duty: Ghosts – a first for the illustrious franchise. What’s more, the studio also spoke of the new game modes which will be introduced, including Cranked and Search and Rescue.

The former reinvents the more traditional team deathmatch mode by placing all players under a stringent timer. Scoring a kill every thirty seconds will allow you to unlock faster movement speeds and in-game perks, if your time runs out, though, your soldier will explode instantaneously. It promises to be a frantic experience and, judging by the reveal, one where luck will play as big a part as actual skill.

Search and Rescue, on the other hand, is a mode that allows your teammates to revive you should you be downed. This is represented by in-game tags that, when collected by your ally, will grant you with a respawn. Should your enemy loot them from your corpse, however, your game is over. Infinity Ward have called this mode their competitive twist on the stalwart Search and Destroy, which, along with Cranked, will serve to enhance the overall variety residing in Call of Duty: Ghosts.

What’s more, with the newly added Squads Mode offering extensive variety in the solo, co-operative and multiplayer categories, Infinity Ward appear to have responded to the criticism regarding their multiplayer favouritism in recent releases.

What do you think, though? Is Call of Duty: Ghosts shaping up to be your most anticipated game this fall? Or are you suffering from franchise fatigue? Give us your opinion below.