Capcom To Announce New Street Fighter V DLC Character Tomorrow


Since the arrival of iconic series character Akuma last month, all has been quiet on the Street Fighter V front. Released in December, Ryu’s nemesis made a welcome return to the series sporting a glorious crimson red lion’s mane instead of, you know, a normal human haircut, and while Akuma has gone down well with fans still enjoying Capcom’s latest entry in the beat ’em up, some have no doubt started to wonder when Capcom will be following him up with another fighter.

Well, wonder no more, as the lift will finally be lifted on who’s next to join the roster tomorrow, February 9. As per the official Street Fighter Twitter (via GameSpot), Capcom provides a small teaser of the reveal by showing existing character Nash seemingly frozen to the floor by what is presumably one of the mystery new combatant’s abilities.

Now, assuming Capcom’s previous comments at last year’s PlayStation Experience are literal and not an attempt at misdirection, not a single one of Street Fighter V‘s second season of characters will be made up of faces that have ever been playable in the series before.

As was the case with the original six DLC characters, an image containing various silhouettes of the new additions was shown during the season 2 announcement (below) and, assuming they’re lined up in order of release, it looks likely that our frosty new contender is female and possibly Russian, judging by the choice of headwear.


I could carry on speculating for hours, but then again, with the announcement scheduled for tomorrow, there’s not really much point in getting too involved. Check back here tomorrow for the full reveal and (hopefully) a release date.