Capcom Confirms Resident Evil 7 Has Shipped 2.5 Million Copies, Pushes Series Past 75 Million Sales

Three days on from its worldwide release, Capcom has confirmed that Resident Evil 7 has now shipped 2.5 million copies to retail, taking the series total past 75 million.

In its press release, the Japanese publisher noted that RE7 is off to a “solid start,” though Capcom’s franchise revival still has a ways to go if it’s to meet the company’s target of 4 million copies sold before the end of the fiscal year (read: March 31st). Moreover, Capcom stopped short of revealing exactly how many copies of Resident Evil 7 were sold through to consumers, but we’ll keep you updated should the company post additional figures in the coming weeks. For the sake of comparison, both Resident Evil 5 and 6 are the franchise’s bestselling titles to date with 7.1 million and 6.6 million sales, respectively.

Steering clear of the blockbuster tenets that underpinned more recent entries into the series, Resident Evil 7 doubled down on old-school thrills – and is all the better for it. In our official review, we found that Capcom’s backwoods scarefest is a “classic reinvention of the revered franchise. Even an overblown story can’t derail a triumphant return to form for the masters of horror.”

After celebrating the franchise’s 20th anniversary last year, January 2017 is shaping up to be a defining mile marker in Resident Evil history. On the one hand, Biohazard has pumped fresh blood into Capcom’s horror flagship – look for the first DLC to claw its way onto PS4 next week – while Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is poised to close the book on Alice’s journey once and for all today, January 27th.