Capcom Essentials delivers Resident Evil 6 And Four Other Games For $60


Hey, what a good deal! Wait, it is a good deal… right? Capcom just announced on its official blog the existence of something called Capcom Essentials – basically a bunch of Capcom classics bundled up and sold at a supposedly more attractive price. These “classics” include the likes of — wait for it — Resident Evil 6! Mega Man 10! Devil May Cry 4! Now, it’s somewhat debatable whether these are classics – DMC 4 was good and all, but Resident Evil 6? Hardly a classic in most people’s book. Mega Man 10? Okay, but why 10? There are a fair amount of reasons the “essentials” moniker is debatable, but commenter Ryan on the official blog post says it best.

“Wow… RE6 instead of Revelations? DMC4 instead of DmC? DR2 and no Off the Record? Super instead of Arcade Edition? And, no Mega Man 9? Essentials isn’t the right word, Capcom, lol.

Selling $40 worth of games for $60 isn’t good business. Should either throw in Lost Planet 2, Dragon’s Dogma and Mega Man 9, or drop that $60 MSRP to about $30. Next thing y’know, they’ll do this on Wii U – Capcom Essentials – MH3U and RE: Revelations bundled together for $150!”

Good show, Ryan! Couldn’t have said it better myself. If you didn’t glean this already, the pack nets you Super Street Fighter IV and Dead Rising 2 as well, so if you missed those and truly feel the need to go back and play them, this could be a good look after all.

On the other hand, I scoured Amazon and discovered that if you were to buy all of these games separately, brand new, it’d run you $65.75. That doesn’t include Mega Man 10, but that’s hardly the big value here or the big selling point.

So, if you want to save $5.75 and get a sweet Capcom travel bag, by all means grab Capcom Essentials for the Xbox 360 or PS3 when it hits October 8th.

My advice? The Amazon used prices are even better.