Capcom Responds To That Hilarious Resident Evil 2 Mod


“Knock knock, open up the door, it’s real.”

Who knew Resident Evil 2 and DMX would work so well? Because Capcom’s wildly successful reboot features a relentless (and downright terrifying) brute known only as Mr. X, it didn’t take long before the Internet dubbed “X Gon’ Give It To Ya” into the game, resulting in some truly hilarious videos of RE2‘s tyrant wreaking havoc.

And now, thanks to a deep dive interview with PC Gamer, game director Kazunori Kadoi has responded to that very mod, admitting that Capcom was utterly floored by the reaction to Mr. X and his thunderous footsteps – the kind of footsteps you’ll hear long into the night.

There are elements that we included (such as his hat) that we hoped would resonate and be a talking point with players, but we had no idea that people would enjoy Tyrant to this degree, so it honestly makes the development team as a whole really happy to see things like this. It’s always unpredictable what will truly resonate with fans no matter how much you aim for something particular, but it’s always a pleasant surprise when fans walk away from a game with a positive experience and have something to share with their peers.

In closing, Kadoi offered some quick advice to intrepid Resident Evil 2 players still in the process of exploring Raccoon City. Essentially, he warned that gun fire will draw the attention of Mr. X, regardless of the situation, so you may want to keep Leon’s Matilda Handgun in the holster – or the SLS 60 Handgun, if you happen to be playing as Claire Redfield.

Fundamentally, gun fire will catch his attention the most. There will also be key moments in the game (such as finding an important item) that will force an encounter with Tyrant during those sections of the game.

Resident Evil 2 is available now, though Capcom’s spotlight is now firmly focused on Devil May Cry 5, which launched today to rave reviews.

Source: PC Gamer