Capcom Didn’t Expect Resident Evil 2’s Mr. X To Be Such A Big Hit


If there’s one character that has resonated within the hearts and minds of Resident Evil fans following 2019’s remake, it’s got to be the one and only Mr. X, also referred to as the Tyrant. Not only is he a formidable, unstoppable force that’ll eat your ammunition like it’s a bowl of iron-enriched cereal, but his eerie footsteps can be heard a mile off thanks to the game’s exquisite audio design, sending shivers down the spines of any unsuspecting players.

All that’s without even mentioning Mr. X’s incredibly hilarious and memorable memes, along with the terrific mod support from the PC community. From the amazing X Gon’ Give It To Ya, to the strangely sexy thong mod, to one that literally turns Mr. X into Thomas The Tank Engine (we kid you not), it almost feels like Mr. X is the blood-soaked gift that keeps on giving.

Honestly, it’s beginning to feel like every few days brings us a brand new and super funny take on the nightmarish antagonist. Surprisingly, it sounds like the game’s director, Kazunori Kadoi, along with his development team at Capcom, didn’t expect Mr. X to be such a massive hit with fans, either.

In a recent sit-down interview with PC Gamer, the Resident Evil 2 director touched on the Tyrant and how he’s been received by the fanbase, saying:

“There are elements that we included (such as his hat) that we hoped would resonate and be a talking point with players, but we had no idea that people would enjoy Tyrant to this degree, so it honestly makes the development team as a whole really happy to see things like this. It’s always unpredictable what will truly resonate with fans no matter how much you aim for something particular, but it’s always a pleasant surprise when fans walk away from a game with a positive experience and have something to share with their peers.”

It’s pretty fascinating to think that the team behind Resident Evil 2 didn’t quite realize what a hit they had on their hands with the iconic Mr. X. With his stylish dress sense, his booming footsteps and his hilarious mods and memes though, the Tyrant’s relentless shadow is now without a doubt one of the most resonant aspects of Capcom’s latest undead horror show.