Here’s How Capcom Created Resident Evil 2’s Scariest Element


Not since Alien: Isolation has a relentless foe stalked our every move so brilliantly – yes, Resident Evil 2 and, more specifically, the tyrant known as Mr. X is truly a force to be reckoned with, as he pursues Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield throughout the majority of Capcom’s celebrated reboot.

Frankly, there’s no let-up, and he’s also wormed his way into popular culture thanks to a series of Resident Evil 2 mods, each one more hilarious than the last. Suffice it to say, Capcom never expected Mr. X to resonate with its userbase quite so strongly, and yet, fans have pored over every little detail of T-00, whose thunderous footsteps can be heard echoing through the corridors of Resident Evil 2.

Speaking of which, game designer Kazunori Kadoi recently explained the ways in which Capcom’s development team created the footsteps of an eight-foot killing machine.

They aren’t actual footsteps since the average person’s height and weight doesn’t create the same impact and sound that Tyrant’s footsteps would make. As a result, we recorded a lot of different sounds and mixed them all together in order to create a specific sound that would carry that level of impact that someone of Tyrant’s build would create.

That ought to put any rumors of multiple tyrants to bed, while Kadoi-san later confirmed that if a player is within earshot of those chilling footsteps, Mr. X won’t be too far behind…

The sounds aren’t played separately. If you hear Tyrant’s footsteps in the vicinity, you can definitely bet that he is actually in close proximity.

Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 remake proved to be another triumph for the in-form studio, so it’s small wonder why fans are beginning to campaign for RE3 to receive the same treatment.

Source: PC Gamer