Capcom Shares Horrifying New Details On Resident Evil 2’s First DLC

Resident Evil 2

Rising from the grave once again is Capcom’s iconic survival horror franchise, kicking off the year in gloriously grizzly fashion with a wonderful reinvigoration of the the company’s terrifying formula.

Of course, we’re talking about Resident Evil 2, which is an expertly crafted, blood-splattered love-letter to the fanbase, and also a great jumping in point for those late to the undead party. But if you’re finding yourself getting a bit antsy now that you’ve already completed the game (it is, after all, not that long), we’ve got some good news, as Capcom’s gearing up to launch the first piece of DLC.

Titled The Ghost Survivors, it goes live on February 15th and now, the studio’s Kellen Haney has shared some terrifying new details on the PlayStation blog in regards to what fans can expect when they dive into it later this week.

“There’s a good chance you’ve seen or played The 4th Survivor, a tough-as-nails additional mode that follows Umbrella Security Services (U.S.S.) agent Hunk as he escapes from the depths of the city in order to complete his mission, or The Tofu Survivor, a non-canon gameplay mode which follows a particularly determined block of bean curd doing its best to avoid certain death (and maybe being sautéed with some vegetables and spices),” began Haney. “The Ghost Survivors has a similar premise – escape from Raccoon City by any means necessary – but this time, you’ll be playing as three characters that never survived that fateful night.”

As for the three experiences that await you, first up is No Time To Mourn, which will have you playing Robert Kendo, the gun shop owner. And though his story ended rather gruesomely in the main game, you can now “experience that trauma for yourself up close and personal.”

Then there’s Runaway. Here, you’ll play as the mayor’s daughter Katherine and “must navigate the streets while avoiding a strangely mutated type of zombie that can only be stopped with particularly powerful ammunition.” And last but not least is Forgotten Soldier, which features a U.S.S. agent codenamed Ghost, who must escape from endless hordes of zombies equipped with special armor.

According to Haney, there will plenty for players to do in each of these scenarios and over on the PlayStation blog, he teased even more about what’s headed our way.

“There’s plenty to do across these three “what if” scenarios. Alongside bragging rights for completing each scenario, you’ll also have access to fun new challenges and trophies specific to The Ghost Survivors. Completing challenges will unlock accessories to decorate your character, including a tiger mask, a cuddly raccoon that sits on your character’s head, and more! Go for the high score, the fastest time, or see how many challenges (and accessories) you can unlock.”

Frankly, it all sounds pretty darn exciting and if you’ve been itching for additional content, The Ghost Survivors should certainly be on your radar. After all, the more we support Resident Evil 2, the better chance we have of getting to see that rumored remake of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. And how awesome would that be?