Capcom Will Address Street Fighter V’s Rage-Quitting Issues In April Update

Street Fighter V

Street Fighter V Alex

According to a Tweet on Capcom’s official Street Fighter V Twitter page, the studio will be addressing the beat ’em up’s rage-quitting issues in an update to be released before the end of April. The update didn’t provide any details on how or specifically when the fix will be made available though, just that they’re “planning to roll out a system this month that will address the rage quitting issue in #SFV.”

Rage-quitting refers to the issue wherein players will intentionally quit a match against another human opponent when they know they’re going to lose in an effort to negate any penalty they would usually incur by letting the game record their loss. Capcom’s been aware of the problem since release day, and has been working on a fix ever since.

In an effort to provide some sort of stop-gap while they work on the remedy, Capcom has been encouraging those affected by the problem to send in videos of the act so that the studio can review them and take further action.

It’s good to hear that Capcom hasn’t forgotten about the issue, especially as this isn’t the only complaint that the company has to deal with. Fans have criticized the game for not including an adequate amount of single player content, sometimes feeling more like an early access title rather than a full game.

Street Fighter series director Yoshinori Ono recently commented on the disappointment many fans had expressed over the content drought, saying that while the game was pushed out – in part – to meet the start of the Capcom Pro Tour, the lack of the likes of an Arcade mode was due to the development team simply underestimating how much certain players valued such content.

The Capcom Pro Tour wasn’t the only reason for why the game was released when it was. We understand that if we had more features ready at launch, it probably would’ve been better received by some of our more casual fans who tend to enjoy Street Fighter more via single-player content, as opposed to competitive play.

The latest update for Street Fighter V went live at the end of last month and added new character Alex, as well as several new game modes and the launch of the in-game shop.