Cel Damage HD Will Bring Its Vehicular Carnage To PSN Next Week


Vehicular combat will be the name of the game on PSN next week, as Cel Damage HD is being prepped for a Tuesday release. The game — which was originally released over a decade ago for the first Xbox — will bring its zany antics to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita as a Cross-Buy title.

According to Joystiq, this visually enhanced version of the classic game will offer thirteen maps and six playable characters, in addition to console-only split-screen multiplayer. As such, friends can gather together to play the game the way that it was meant to be experienced.

Cel Damage HD will come with a price tag of $9.99, a one-time fee that will grant players access to all three of its versions, when it launches early next week. PlayStation Plus members will get a better deal, though, as a (launch week-only) 10% discount will be offered to that service’s subscribers.