New Characters Enter The Batman: Arkham City Fold

Comic-Con has been great to Bat-fans, giving them a lot to be excited about. Not only have Warner Bros. announced one new character for Batman: Arkham City, but they’ve gone the extra mile of fan service to announce one more.

First off, we’ll let you know that the daughter of Batman’s arch nemesis, Talia al Ghul, will be making an appearance. In the comics’ fictional lore. She’s occasionally been a love interest for everyone’s favourite secretive billionaire, so perhaps she’ll be a love interest in the game? We can tell you that actress Stana Katic of Castle fame will be lending her pipes to the beautiful seductress.

However, the best news has been saved for last:

Not only will the Penguin be waddling his way into the fold, but he’ll be joined by the large brute known as Solomon Grundy, who’s an outsider to the Dark Knight universe. He certainly looks pretty badass, so we’re glad to see him.

The biggest surprise however, could belong to the Penguin’s new British accent. Who knew? Danny De Vito sounded so American.