New Footage Of Friday The 13th: The Game’s Jason X Map Which We Can Never Play


While we each have our favorite entry in the Friday the 13th film franchise – and Kane Hodder actually has one of his own as well – I must admit that mine is Jason X. Sure, there may be the purists among you that scoff at the idea of sending Jason Voorhees into space, but I believe there’s a beauty in the absurdity of it all – and there’s also the fact that I believe it contained some of Jason’s best kills overall.

That said, I share the disappointment of those of you lamenting over how Friday the 13th: The Game can no longer create new content due to the legal mess currently plaguing the franchise as a whole. Hell, even Killer Puzzle, the mobile game, hasn’t been immune to this jazz.

Taking that into account, today’s discussion comes as being bittersweet. I say that because, while we’ll never actually get to play the Jason X map for ourselves, we can at least check out footage of the unfinished product. And though the clip courtesy of Friday The 13th: The Game France’s Facebook page features the standard Jason, it’s pretty cool to watch nonetheless.

If you’d like to piece together in your head what the finished product would’ve looked like, you can always revisit that player mod containing Uber-Jason from earlier this year. Still, it’s hard getting over how this would’ve been the largest slice of DLC thus far.

Personally, I appreciate when things such as this surface so that we at least have an idea of what might’ve been. In my view, this is kind of Friday the 13th: The Game‘s equivalent of Resident Evil 1.5 or 3.5 (scrapped builds of RE 2 and 4, in case you’re unfamiliar) clips emerging on YouTube. You may not see it my way, but do take this as a very small victory.