Child of Eden Gets An Official PS3 Release Date And Price Point

Although Child of Eden released last month to great reviews on the XBOX 360 with full Kinect functionality, those who only own Sony’s current generation console were asked to wait to enter its surreal and vibrant digital world. Though that wait doesn’t seem too far off now, as Ubisoft confirmed a September 20 release date for the North American PS3 version of the critically acclaimed musical shooter experience. European gamers can expect to become immersed in surreality three days later.

It’s been confirmed by IGN, that the game will release at a $49.99 price point in the States. However, Edge is reporting that the European version’s price has been drastically reduced to €19.99 on Ubisoft’s online shop page. That phenomenal price is half of what the 360 version is selling for at this very moment, so it’s unknown as to whether it could see a price drop in the future.

Unfortunately, Child of Eden debuted to poor sales records despite its amazing review scores. Hopefully its sales will pick up as it really is a very well done title.

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