New Child Of Light Video Offers Further Story Details


Child of Light, Ubisoft’s intriguing downloadable title that mixes hand-painted graphics, platforming mechanics, and turn-based RPG battles, is less than a week away from its April 30 release. To celebrate, the developer has released another new promotional video offering insight into the development process, with this latest clip focusing on the story, themes, and presentation.

The game will see players taking control of the young princess Aurora, who finds herself waking up in the mystical world of Lemuria. Before she knows it, she’s whisked away on a quest to defeat an evil queen by gathering power from the sun, moon, and stars.

Child of Light is described by one developer as “a transformative journey from childhood to adulthood,” and it is shown that Aurora will at some point grow from a child to adult to prove that point. Further emphasis is placed on the appeal of Aurora’s character design for younger audiences, the fact that much of the game’s dialog will be spoken in rhyme, and the vocal narration provided by Montreal actress Caroline Dhavernas.

Child of Light is currently scheduled for digital release on April 30 on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Wii U, and PC. We will keep you updated as more news and media are announced in the days leading up to that point. In the meantime, watch the new trailer below and let us know your thoughts on the unique approach that the developers are taking.