Co-Op Features Teased In Latest Trailer For PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne


During the 32nd Annual Golden Joystick Awards in London — which also brought us the stunning opening cinematic for The Witcher III: Wild Hunt — Sony premiered the latest trailer for its upcoming Victorian-era exclusive, Bloodborne.

Fans who have been following the game’s development hitherto will be familiar with its gothic horror sensibilities while also channelling the recognizable gameplay from Hidetaka Miyazaki — game director of Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls, two titles that Bloodborne undoubtedly draws inspiration from.

Still, Miyazaki’s latest is unique in its own right, introducing a more fast-paced and refined style of combat into the 19th Century — the game’s temporal setting. As a matter of fact, Bloodborne will give players the ability to utilise guns in tandem with the more traditional swords and sorcery. And you’ll need them, too, as a malicious plague has turned the residents of a village into marauding, Resident Evil 4-esque beasts.

Set within the ruined city of Yharnam, Miyazaki’s latest looks to be the perfect cocktail of medieval-fantasy. And much like Dark Souls, Bloodborne will implement a co-op feature as evidenced in the above footage. However, it’s unclear whether this mode will be as seamless as the drop-in, drop-out nature of its spiritual predecessor.

Bloodborne will release exclusively for PlayStation 4 on February 6th across North America and Europe. Until then, you can check out the latest trailer for the spiritual Souls successor above and let us know if you’ll be picking up the game come next year.