Comic Kart Racer Coffin Dodgers Gets Set For Xbox One And PS4


Kart racers are a staple of wholesome, family gaming; the Mario Kart series is proof enough of that. But what if the beloved mascots, who so frequently populate the genre, were replaced with violent, gun-toting pensioners hell-bent on saving their souls by rampaging through the town on their pimped up mobility scooters? Such is the premise of Coffin Dodgers.

The anarchic racer was previously released on the Steam Store back in July for PC and is now set to make its way onto Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in the first quarter of 2016.

The game defines itself by being filled with irreverent dark humour, which becomes extremely apparent by just looking at the title. Taking the name Coffin Dodgers quite literally, the game sees its hectic seniors having to outrun the Grim Reaper as well as his undead minions. This certainly isn’t your typical Sunday drive around the neighbourhood.

Coffin Dodgers was developed by the Liverpool-based Milky Tea Studio, and the console ports are being published by Wales Interactive. The founder and managing director of Milky Tea, Jon Holmes, stated his excitement for the game’s leap onto consoles in a recent press release:

“We feel that its natural home is on consoles and is why we have been searching for the right partner who is passionate about this game as much as we are. We are lucky to have found such a talented team as Wales Interactive to collaborate with on this project and think they will only help us make this game better and better.”

Take a look at the Coffin Dodgers trailer below and feel free to drop a comment letting us know if you’re interested in checking this one out.