Hilarious Resident Evil 2 Mod Turns Mr. X Into A Miniature Tyrant


Capcom may have moved onto new projects since the release of Resident Evil 2‘s long-awaited remake earlier this year, but the modern masterpiece is a far cry away from leaving the public eye, thanks to a certain Umbrella-sanctioned creation. Reliving Claire and Leon’s parallel tale of escape from the doomed Raccoon City was a memorable occasion, no doubt, but the two protagonists’ star quality was promptly outmatched by their fearsome enemy.

The result of carefree experimentation with the T-virus, Mr. X is the fan-given codename for Resident Evil 2‘s Tyrant, a lumbering mountain of muscle with superhuman strength and a fantastic dress sense. With a towering height of over 7 feet and a left hook strong enough to punch through solid concrete, the character, quite rightly, has earned its intimidating reputation, so much so, that some fans have even taken to removing him from the game entirely in order to avoid a change of underwear.

Thanks to the recent efforts of a certain modder, however, one need no longer fear the plodding giant. A video uploaded to YouTube by user Albert_Fn_Wesker has revealed a new look for the meme-spawning horror icon. See if you can spot the difference above.

It’s a sentence I’d never have dreamt of writing before, but damn, does Mr. X look adorable. As it turns out, reducing the size of any nightmare creature down to the size of a pint glass works wonders in removing its scare quality, though don’t be fooled. Miniaturized it may be, but the Tyrant’s smaller self can still bust through doors (in hilarious fashion) and deliver a knockout punch to your ankles at a frightening speed.

Fortunately, the mod’s creator has compensated for the shrinkage by reducing Mr. X’s hitbox, though that’s had the knock-on effect of making Mini X considerably harder to hit. A fair compromise, I’d say, and I look forward to trying this one out in my next Resident Evil 2 playthrough.

Meanwhile, in related news, Capcom recently unveiled a new series spinoff in the form of Project Resistance. If you haven’t already, check out some official gameplay over here.