New Resident Evil 2 Mod Completely Removes Mr. X From The Game


If you’ve found yourself unable to brave Resident Evil 2‘s Gothic recreation of Raccoon City for fear of running into Mr. X then today’s your lucky day. As it turns out, the indomitable Tyrant stalking Leon and Claire in their attempts to escape Umbrella’s bioweapon testing ground has a knack for instilling an overwhelming sense of dread into some Resi fans, an epidemic that one kind-hearted soul is attempting to halt the spread of. Uploaded earlier today over on hobbyist modding website Nexus Mods, creator Maverickheart’s alteration doesn’t just make Mr. X invisible to the naked eye but removes him from the game completely.

How exactly the Tyrant’s introduction scene (he’s responsible for clearing the hallway of a crashed helicopter and allowing Leon and/or Claire to progress) has been handled, we’re unsure, but the mod description makes clear that those that download and install the file won’t have to deal with the sound of Mr. X’s thunderous footsteps or be forced to make detours around the police station in order to avoid his gaze. As for the handful of situations (e.g. cutscenes) where the tall chap is scripted to appear, Maverick says he’ll still appear in such situations to avoid breaking the game.

A terrific return to survival horror that fans have been clamouring for, Resident Evil 2 has revelled in the outpouring of critical acclaim that’s followed its launch, with Mr. X becoming its standout star. A wealth of internet memes and mods paying homage to the character’s scare factor and unpredictability have followed in the weeks and months since, including one rather racy number that leaves very little to the imagination. Capcom itself has voiced its surprise at the character’s popularity, too, having revealed in a recent interview that, while it meant for certain parts of the character’s design to become talking points (the trilby hat, in particular), it could never have foreseen the actual outcome.

For those yet to embrace Resident Evil 2‘s delightfully horrific return, you can find out what we thought of Capcom’s masterpiece here.

Source: Nexus Mods