Congress Questions Sony Over PSN Debacle

Congress is now pressing Sony, with some very valid, and important questions concerning the recent event involving the PlayStation Network. They’re asking things like, what took Sony so long to notify customers that their credit card information, may have been compromised? What makes you think that credit card information wasn’t stolen? And, when and how did you discover the breach? These questions are coming just as rumors of the hackers attempting to sell credit card numbers on the “black market” surfaced.

A hearing discussing data theft is being held with Sony on the 4th of May. The FBI have confirmed that they are investigating the incident themselves, and intended to track down the masterminds behind this cyber crime. In lighter news on the subject, PlayStation Network is slowly coming back online. Full functionality is expected to be restored by the end of the month.

I personally hope they catch the people who have done this, as they’re ruining a good thing, and threatening the safety of someone’s personal information is unforgivable. Hopefully this won’t hinder future purchases of Sony products, or PlayStation 3 games.

If you haven’t been told before, those who have credit card information stored on PlayStation Network, it’s very important that you either cancel that particular card, or pay very close attention to your monthly statements, or bank account if you have a debit card on file.