Crackdown Orb Spotted At Xbox One Press Conference

crackdown image xbox one

One of the major complaints about Microsoft’s Xbox One press conference yesterday was that there was a disturbingly small amount of time devoted to talking about actual next-gen video games. Outside of Call of Duty: Ghosts (and its in-game dog model) the majority of the event centered around TV, movies, searching the Internet for movie trailers, sports, Skype, and quickly switching back and forth between TV and movies.

NeoGAF users have since dissected the lackluster Xbox One press conference, and it turns out that Microsoft did secretly insert an additional video game mention into one of the many TV segments. Specifically, an image of a Crackdown orb has been spotted in Microsoft’s presentation.

One of the highly coveted Crackdown collectible orbs can been seen in the lower left corner of the Xbox One Dashboard during Microsoft’s presentation (as seen in the still image above). Considering Xbox 360 games are not compatible with the Xbox One, optimists are hoping that this is an indication that a new Crackdown game is in development for Microsoft’s next-gen console.

Sadly, it is also just as likely that Microsoft was doing nothing more than filling up space on the Xbox One Dashboard, so it is best to not go counting your next-gen Crackdown eggs before Microsoft gives the official announcement. With that said, Crackdown 2 was released way back in 2010, so it would not be surprising to get the announcement of a sequel in the near future.

We will keep on the lookout for any word of an upcoming Xbox One Crackdown game at E3 next month, and let you know if anything turns up.