Crash Bandicoot Trilogy Being Remastered For PS4


Sony has just announced during their E3 presentation that, at long last, the iconic Crash Bandicoot will return, with his original trilogy of classic 90s platformers being “remastered from the ground up.” No additional details were provided, but we can definitely infer from the announcement that the release will be comprised of the original 1996 Crash Bandicoot, 1997’s Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back and 1998’s Crash Bandicoot: Warped.

Crash was a big deal during the days of his Naughty Dog-developed PS1 adventures, but after switching developers, the series struggled on later consoles before being quietly stopped in 2008. It sounds like this compilation could be considered a full-on remake of the three games, but as no media or additional details were provided, we’ll have to wait until more concrete information is released.

It was also confirmed that Activision, the current owners of the franchise, will include Crash as a playable character in this year’s Skylanders Imaginators, presumably with a corresponding figurine. A new trailer for the cameo has been released and can be viewed above. It showcases what will likely be the new design for Crash and aside from some crazy eyebrows, it’s pretty faithful to the original version.

We’ll continue to post more news on this revival as it drops, but for now, tell us if you’re looking forward to the return of Crash Bandicoot as much as we are by leaving a comment below.