Crusader Kings II Pre-Order Bonuses And Demo Revealed

The demo for Crusader Kings II is live and, in what may be the first time in recorded history, I’m calling out Poland as overpowered. Sure, sure; you may think I’m insane, but I saw the way King Boleslaw was eying the daughter of the Holy Roman Empire. Sure, it may be true love, but I’m betting it’s a coup waiting to happen.

Sadly, the demo alone isn’t going to be enough for me to quench my thirst for middle age based warfare, but Paradox seems prepared for that.

With Crusader Kings II coming out on February 14th, Paradox has released its pre-order bonuses as well. The Mongol Families and Dynasty Shield DLC packs will be available to anyone who buys in now, as well as the full game Crusader Kings Complete. The Dynasty Shield DLC contains 50 unique shields for the most famous families of Medieval Europe while the Mongol Families DLC contains thousands of face combinations for characters of Mongol influence as well as sprites for Archers, Horse Archers, Heavy Infantry, Pikeman, Light Infantry, Light Cavalry, and Heavy Cavalry.

You can pick up the demo here, and you can pre-order here or on Steam. Seriously though, keep an eye on King Boleslaw…

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