Crysis 2 Console Conflict Dismissed

The past week or so has been full of gossip and argument concerning Crytek’s new FPS beast Crysis 2. Magazines and critics across Europe and North America have been noting discrepancies between the PS3 and 360 console versions, many claiming that the 360 edition is clearly superior.

It appears that this is so when you compare the experience EA offered as a taster, via the multiplayer demo and I myself was trying to ignore the fugliness of the PS3 powered Crysis 2. People over at Crytek were hastily trying to reassure fans that the two platforms would deliver a near identical game, and then a day later EA shut the PS3 demo down and pulled it off the Playstation Network.

With many internet forum regulars bickering about ‘how rubbish PS3 is’ and no real evidence to make any sort of conclusion, finally the game released and folks (mainly small time reviewers) got to compare the finished product on both consoles. It turns out the demo was crap…and that’s it. The difference between the multiplayer scrapheap of judders and fuzz, and the game you buy is embarrassingly large.

Hopefully something as clumsy as this will be prevented in the future by EA. There are multiple videos on the internet now showcasing Sony and Microsoft’s machines running side by side (aww so nice to see them playing happily together) and it does wonders for the haters. As a Swedish reviewer neatly summarises:

“When I during my week at the home of Crytek (Frankfurt) tested the Playstation 3 – and the Xbox 360 version to each other, the latter felt a little bit more polished. The lighting effects were a bit better looking, the graphics a little sharper and a little bit better fluency. So I wrote in my review, although the differences were small, so I mentioned them. Tomorrow is released Crysis 2 in Sweden and I have this morning, sat and compared the two store versions (PS3 and Xbox 360) and now realize that Crytek must have done some kind of hasty (and very effective) final polishing of the versions I tested in Frankfurt. For Crysis 2 for PlayStation 3 is just as nice as it is the Xbox 360. There exists a certain difference in the resolution, which is not noticeable / visible. Equivalent versions, in other words. And I must correct myself in my review promptly”

(Translated through Google)

CVG have a comparison video for you to grumble over if you still feel the need to see it.  Read our full review for our favourable verdict of Crysis 2, and you know what? Maybe we should all just worry about playing the game rather than who’s got the shiniest version…even if they are the same. I might just give up playing demos from now on (turns on Motorstorm Apocalypse).

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