Crysis 2 Retaliation Map Pack Coming May 17th

Crysis 2 proved to be a hit for both its single and multiplayer components. The online chaos standing out amongst the shooter crowd, not for being unique but more of a polished and well-groomed experience overall. EA plans on keeping things fresh for fans by unleashing a new map pack for download called Retaliation, on May 17th for the 360, PC and Ps3 (when the online is fixed that is).

A new video was released showing rampant action across the levels, which paints a pretty picture of what to expect once gamers are set loose upon the battlefield. Each map (Park Avenue, Transit, Shipyard and Compound)looks the part visually and fits perfectly with the Nanosuit’s various abilities, especially the effective jump stomp for vertical attempts at killing opponents. The Retaliation Pack maps will be available for each game mode and judging from the video below, it looks like DLC that’s worthwhile, until the price is discovered.