Crysis 3 To Launch Feb. 19th In North America, Feb. 22nd In Europe

Electronic Arts announced earlier this week that Crysis 3 will launch on February 19th in North America and February 22nd across Europe, confirming that the title will be part of their calendar 2013 first quarter lineup. Previously EA had the title listed as having a vague February 2013 release.

Crysis 3 will have players jump into the Nanosuit belonging to Prophet as he returns to New York in the year 2047 to investigate exactly why the Cell Corporation has encased the city in a giant Nanodome. While the corporation’s motives remain a mystery, the result of the Nanodome’s impact on the city is clear. Instead of protecting New York from the alien Ceph army it has turned the city into an urban rainforest, complete with overgrown trees, swamplands, and a few raging rivers tossed in for fun.

As you might expect, Crysis 3 continues with the series’ tradition of graphical splendor and includes some new features like the game’s unique 16-player Hunter multiplayer mode.

Make sure to check out the game’s new screenshots in the gallery below, and we will have more coverage on Crysis 3 as the game’s February release date approaches.

Source: Joystiq

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