EA’s Crysis Series Might Be Making A Comeback

Crysis 3

Receiving data.

After years spent lying dormant, the official Crysis Twitter account sprung into life earlier today with a really rather mysterious tweet. It’s just two words long (“RECEIVING DATA”), fuelling rumors that EA and developer Crytek are about to hatch plans for a fourth entry in the popular sci-fi series – or, alternatively, a full-blown remaster of Crysis 1.

Chances are it’s the latter, as the video game industry has spent the past few years indulging in a little nostalgia – from Resident Evil 3 to the recently-launched Final Fantasy 7 Remake, it seems every major studio has lined up a trip down memory lane. But for now, we have just two words to pore over.

See for yourself:

Crysis 3

What makes this all the more interesting is that, back on April 1st, the Crysis team also posted a cheeky gag to mark April Fools Day. Over on the game’s official website, an animated image of Nomad, the protagonist of Crysis 1, appeared out of the blue, though it wasn’t long before budding fans discovered ‘April Fools’ written into the site’s code.

Couple this with today’s cryptic tweet and it seems nigh on certain that EA and Crytek are on the verge of announcing a remastered version of Crysis 1. Released in 2007, the first entry in the sci-fi series is widely regarded to be one of the very best FPS shooters on PC, what with its far-future setting and bleeding-edge graphics.

In fact, Crysis was so far advanced in the graphics department that it quickly became the benchmark for a PC’s performance – i.e. it’s good, but can it run Crysis?

And now, more than 10 years later, it looks like another visit to Lingshan Islands may well be on the cards.