Crytek Unveil The Alps In New Trailer For The Climb


Crytek have unveiled a second location for their upcoming VR experience, The Climb, which shows how players will be able to tackle alpine expanses. The new trailer showcases more of the breathtaking landscapes and challenging moments that will await players in the virtual world.

The actual content of the trailer is much the same as what we’ve already seen from The Climb, but with the new location on show it’s stunning nonetheless. As the demonstrating player climbs onto a high zip-wire and birds coast easily overhead, you really get a sense of the natural beauty that’s been created in the game.

But for all of its vistas and postcard moments, The Climb does still have a challenge to it. There are death-defying leaps and genuine moments of peril as ledges and grips seem to dissipate as the player puts their hand on them. Enjoy the scenery, sure, but don’t think of this as a nature-watching simulator.

Enough of me talking about how gorgeous the trailer is, though. Why not just check it out above for yourself?