Get Your Very Own Customizable Satan In Army Corps Of Hell

Okay, so it’s not really Satan, but you have horns, you’re incredibly evil looking, you’re called “The King of Hell,” and you lead the legions of the damned into battle to act on your desires. It’s pretty safe to say you’re playing as Satan at that point.

Army Corps of Hell is probably one of my most newly anticipated Vita launch titles. It appears to play similar to Pikmin or Overlord, except it’s accompanied by dark, yet colorful graphics, a strange sense of humor and metal. Glorious METAL.

A new trailer released today shows customization options for you and your goblins. About 100 weapons can be forged for your minions to use against the enemies of darkness, while you can spend your own time making sure your cape matches the blood on your armor.

Have a look.

By the way, Square Enix, I dig that all the trailers thus far have had Japanese thrash metal band United, but you know what would be better? Slayer. Make it happen.

Army Corps of Hell is a Vita launch title, and will be available February 22.

What say you, gamers? Are you going to Hell?