Daily Challenges, Private Matches And More Headed To Star Wars Battlefront Later This Month

Star Wars Battlefront Vader

Up until now, EA and developer DICE have largely remained mum on the content included in the Star Wars Battlefront season pass. Disappointing though that may be, Reddit has unearthed details for the shooter’s upcoming free DLC that’s set to release later this month, and it’ll certainly please advocates of Battlefront‘s multiplayer component.

Citing a now-pulled video from EA Brazil, the content that’s set to be introduced in January includes private matches, daily challenges and special community events. That’s good news, too, considering that the overriding criticism levelled at Star Wars Battlefront was the shooter’s innate staying power – or lack thereof.

First appearing via EA Brazil’s channel, the details of January’s free DLC are as follows:

  • New map: Tatooine.
  • New clothes for Luke and Leia based on the movies.
  • Daily Challenges.
  • Private Matches.
  • Special Community Events.

In addition to said features, there’s also mention of a new map situated on the desert planet of Tatooine, while Luke and Leia will also receive new hero costumes based on the prequel trilogy. Looking further afield, speculation is beginning to circle regarding that aforementioned season pass, with new playable heroes – Chewbacca, namely – being readied for a debut later in 2016.

At long last, private matches and daily challenges are headed to Star Wars Battlefront, but is it enough to coax you back to DICE’s licensed shooter?

Source: WCCFTech