Fresh Batch Of Dark Souls III Screenshots Are Horrifyingly Beautiful

Now that we’ve peered into the true colors of darkness and lived to tell the tale, developer From Software has rolled out the latest batch of screenshots for its hotly-anticipated RPG sequel, Dark Souls III.

Due to loom onto current-gen consoles and PC at the beginning of next month, today’s action shots are all about combat, be it against towering paladins or a vicious pack of wolves. There’s also a moment of fan service with an image dedicated to the ‘Praise the Sun!’ gesture.

Story details for Dark Souls III remain thin on the blood-stained ground at this moment in time, though previous trailers have indicated that the Lords of Cinder – in all their mythic and mighty glory – will filter into the lore in some shape or form. Beyond that, expect a healthy catalog of monstrous bosses to test your might, with the addition of drop in, drop out multiplayer all but confirmed to make a return. What’s more, with Hidetaka Miyazaki back at the helm as Game Director, expect more than a few streaks of Bloodborne to surface in next month’s sequel.

Dark Souls III will be available across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC from April 12. Pre-ordering From’s medieval RPG will also open up various perks across each respective platform, most notably a complimentary copy of the original Dark Souls should you reserve an Xbox One copy ahead of time.