Fresh Batch Of Dark Souls III Screenshots Are Horrifyingly Beautiful


Due to loom onto current-gen consoles and PC at the beginning of next month, today’s action shots are all about combat, be it against towering paladins or a vicious pack of wolves. There’s also a moment of fan service with an image dedicated to the ‘Praise the Sun!’ gesture.

Story details for Dark Souls III remain thin on the blood-stained ground at this moment in time, though previous trailers have indicated that the Lords of Cinder – in all their mythic and mighty glory – will filter into the lore in some shape or form. Beyond that, expect a healthy catalog of monstrous bosses to test your might, with the addition of drop in, drop out multiplayer all but confirmed to make a return. What’s more, with Hidetaka Miyazaki back at the helm as Game Director, expect more than a few streaks of Bloodborne to surface in next month’s sequel.

Dark Souls III will be available across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC from April 12. Pre-ordering From’s medieval RPG will also open up various perks across each respective platform, most notably a complimentary copy of the original Dark Souls should you reserve an Xbox One copy ahead of time.

Source: VG247

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